We invite you to an evening of learning about the research studies our School of Honors students have conducted within the past two years.

April 7, 2022
5:00-8:30 pm
Lake Bonny Room of the Welcome Center

The livestream will be active the day of the event.

Order of Presentation

Session 1, 5:00 pm

Makenzie Johnson, Biochemistry
Sex Differences in Hippocampal O-GlcNAcylation of the Adult Mouse Brain

Lynnsey Crum, Nursing
Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking in the Clinical Setting: A Literature Review

Adara Dierdorf, Worship Ministry
Divisive Nature of Worship: Comparative Study of Traditional & Contemporary Worship

Macy Holmbeck, Biology
The Prevalence of Nutritional Interventions as a Healthcare Treatment in America: Assessing the Experiences and Perspectives of Adult Patients

Mikayla Panush, Nursing
Pediatric Eating Disorders: Education & Training

Isabella Payne, Kinesiology: Pre-Athletic Training
How the Risk for Stress Fractures in Female Collegiate Runners Can Be Reduced by Adequate Sleep & Lowering Cortisol Levels

Shelby Stewart, Nursing
Increased Screening for Adequate Coping Mechanisms in Trauma Nurses

Hilario Gomez, Kinesiology: Pre-Physical Therapy
The Effects of Floatation-REST on Cortisol Levels of Patients with Glioblastoma Grade IV

Anna Fawkes, Communication
Mental Health of Creative Professionals in Ministry

Session 2, 6:00 pm

Kacey Mewborn, Biochemistry
A Proposed Curriculum to Improve the Scientific Literacy of Pastoral Leadership in the Church

Sarah Brits, Children, Youth, and Family Ministries
Loneliness and the Church: Creating Effective Discipleship Systems for the Next Generation

KaeLeigh Grace Ausley, Social Work
A Preliminary Investigation of Trust-Based Relational Intervention in Reducing At-Risk Behavior for Children in Care

Jewell Carver, History
The Ideal Facade: The Double Standard of Elite Nazi Women in Their Ascent to Power

Aspen Dagostino, Social Work
Mentorship Programs as an Effective Method of Human Trafficking Prevention

Noelle Pitz, Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy
Alternate Treatments for Phantom Limb Pain in Light of the Opioid Crisis

Chasity Smith, Piano Performance
Investigating Relationships Between Music Preference and Mental Health in Young Adults

Danielle Ingemi, Psychology
Pornography Use: Its Harmful Effects and How to Treat It

Maggie Vernon, Kinesiology: Exercise Science
The Assessment of College Female Athletes’ Perceptions on Food Relationships and Body Positivity

Session 3, 7:00 pm

Christopher Pinedo, Biblical Studies
How Pornography Negatively Impacts Men’s Perceptions of and Interactions with Women

Olivia Smith, Psychology & Criminal Justice
Societal Perceptions Surrounding Child Maltreatment and Mental Health

Alison Diaz, Multidisciplinary Studies
Implementing Drama Therapy With Youth

Madison Schaaf, Multidisciplinary Studies
Identifying the Role of Social Media in the Value-Action Gap Among Gen Z Fast Fashion Consumers

Isaiah Neiss, Biochemistry
Microalgae as a Source of Renewable Biofuel

Carley Phelps, Social Work
The Effects of Adaptive Golf on Individuals with Special Needs

Justin Thompson, Church Music & Worship Ministries
Biblical and Theological Literacy Among Worship Leaders

Hannah Larson, Accounting
An Assessment of Southeastern University’s Readiness for an Institute of Managerial Accountants Endorsement

Medal Ceremony & Reception, 8:00 pm

Presenter Bios

Makenzie Johnson, a biochemistry major, has been an active member of the cross country and track and field teams at SEU. She served as a tutor in the Academic Center for Enrichment, a teaching assistant for the College of Natural & Health Sciences, and a summer undergraduate research intern at Penn State. Makenzie has accepted a postbaccalaureate fellowship at the National Institute of Health. After completing the fellowship, she plans to pursue neuroscience research and neurology through an M.D./Ph.D. degree.
Lynnsey Crum is a nursing major. She has served in the Department of Spiritual Formation and been a leader on campus. Upon graduation, she plans to begin her career as a pediatric intensive care nurse before pursuing a doctorate.
Adara Dierdorf is pursuing a double major in worship ministry and communication. During her time at SEU, she has served as a resident assistant, participated in SEU Worship, and volunteered at Highland Park Church. Upon graduation, Adara plans to continue serving in local ministry.
Macy Holmbeck is a biology major with a concentration in medical sciences. She has been involved in SCMDA, Psi Chi, and was a teaching assistant for the psychology department. Macy has been on annual medical missions trips to Honduras and plans to pursue a graduate degree in nutritional sciences and public health to promote interdisciplinary teamwork in improving the overall health of communities locally and globally.
Mikayla Panush, a nursing major, has been a Resident Assistant for the past two years. Upon graduation, she plans to become a labor and delivery nurse.
Isabella Payne, a kinesiology/pre-athletic training major, has been a student worker for Guest Services and a member of the SEU Cross Country and Track & Field team at SEU. She plans to continue her studies at SEU while earning her master of science in kinesiology degree.
Shelby Stewart, a nursing major, has worked at Companion Animal Hospital as a veterinary technician for the past four years. She has also been actively involved in the Nursing Department. Upon graduation, she plans to work as a trauma and intensive care nurse.
Hilario Gomez, a kinesiology major, has been an active member of the Honors Leadership Team and has represented the School of Honors in the Senate. He also served as a resident assistant and worked for media services. Upon graduation, he will begin a doctorate in physical therapy at Belmont University. His goal is to specialize in pediatrics and neurology.
Anna Fawkes, a communication major, has served as the broadcasting senior producer, sports broadcasting director, and media services team lead. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a Master of Arts in The Art of Design Management at SEU.
Kacey Mewborn, a biochemistry major, has been a teaching assistant for the past two years. Additionally, she has conducted research through the College of Natural & Health Sciences. Kacey was president of Alpha Chi Honors Society and she volunteered at Lakes Church. Upon graduation, Kacey will serve as a research assistant at Lakeland Regional Health before pursuing a Ph.D. with the goal of teaching science at the collegiate level.
Sarah Brits is a children, youth, and family ministry major. She has served faithfully in the church throughout her time as a student at SEU. She is currently operating as the children’s pastor at Grace City in Tampa. Upon graduation, Sarah will serve as a Graduate Assistant in the Barnett College of Ministry and Theology while pursuing her master's degree in family ministry.
KaeLeigh Grace Ausley, a social work major, founded and serves as President of Students for Life at SEU. She is a volunteer at Royal Family Kids Camp for children in foster care, she babysits for YoungLife's Teen Mom Ministry and is a mentor through Big Brother Big Sister. KaeLeigh Grace plans to obtain a Master of Social Work and become a licensed clinical social worker to counsel children in foster care along with parents facing unplanned pregnancies.
Jewell Carver, a history major, has been the president of the Herodotus Society at SEU. She plans to pursue a master’s in library science with the ultimate goal of becoming an archivist.
Aspen Dagostino, a social work major, has volunteered at the Dream Center, Kid’s Club, and Crystal Lake Elementary School since her freshman year. Next semester, she will be completing her field placement in Quito, Ecuador. After graduation, she plans to complete her MSW and become an advocate for children, people with disabilities, and victims of trafficking.
Noelle Pitz, a kinesiology major, has been on the first-year experience team for the past two years. Additionally, she has been an active member of the Army ROTC program and will graduate as a 2nd Lieutenant in May. Noelle will begin her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Shenandoah University in the Fall. Upon graduation, Noelle plans to work as a physical therapist for the Army.
Chasity Smith, a piano performance major, is a published author. She has performed at charity events, concerts, and special events throughout the community. Chastity currently works as a piano teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Auburndale. Upon graduation, Chastity plans to continue teaching private piano lessons and performing.
Danielle Ingemi, a psychology major, has volunteered at the PACE Center for Girls and Lighthouse Ministries. Additionally, was an active member of Psi Chi, which is the International Honor Society in Psychology. Danielle plans to become licensed as an EMT this summer and will begin her master's degree to become a professional trauma therapy counselor.
Maggie Vernon, a kinesiology major, has studied abroad with the School of Honors and has been actively involved on campus. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career as an exercise physiologist and a certified holistic nutritionist.
Christopher Pinedo, a biblical studies major, has served as a teaching assistant in Barnett College of Ministry and Theology. Christopher has found passion in organizing theological debates on campus, and has been instrumental in planning these. Christopher also runs for the SEU Cross Country and Track and Field teams at SEU. Upon graduation, he intends to pursue a career in missions with the Assemblies of God World Missions organization.
Olivia Smith, a psychology and criminal justice major, has been vice president of Psi Chi, the treasurer of Alpha Phi Sigma, and a member of Alpha Chi. She served the community of Colorado City during a mission trip to Arizona in 2021. Olivia’s goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Child Psychology.
Alison Diaz, a multidisciplinary studies major, has been actively involved with Soul Food Theatre, a campus organization that combines ministry and theatre. Currently, she works as a Directing Apprentice at Garden Theatre in Winter Garden.
Madi Schaaf, a multidisciplinary studies major, is a resident assistant and the lead writer for We Are SEU magazine. Additionally, she served as a teaching assistant for Dr. Joe Davis and is the student writer and editor for enrollment marketing. Madi will be completing her senior year while studying abroad at the University of Oxford and through the American Studies Program in D.C. Madi plans to pursue a masters in Digital Marketing.
Isaiah Niess, a biochemistry major with a research concentration, was part of a novel research project at SEU and served as a laboratory researcher. He plans to pursue Biochemical Research postgrad.
Carley Phelps, a social work major, has been a member of Phi Alpha Honor Society, and has served as the Adaptive Golf Coach at the First Tee of Lakeland for the past 8 years. Carley currently serves as a Link Program intern, a Life Coach at Noah’s Ark of Central FL, and as the FCA All Abilities Camp Director. She has also volunteered with the Special Olympics. Carley plans to begin her masters in social work in the fall. Her dream is to establish a non-profit for people with special needs.
Justin Thompson, a church music and worship ministry double-major, has been an active member of SEU Worship. Additionally, Justin recently got married and has faithfully served at Fuel Church. Upon graduation, Justin plans to work full time as a worship pastor.
Hannah Larson, an accounting major, has served as the Executive Editor of WeAreSEU magazine and been a student worker in the Student Development Marketing Department. Additionally, she served as the Campus Ambassador for Becker, a test preparation company specifically for the CPA and CMA. After graduation, Hannah hopes to begin her professional career by working in the private accounting industry. She also plans to earn her CMA license and a graduate degree in the near future.

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